More About the Kittens

Did I mention I went back to my vet's to check on the mommy Calico cat and I got to hold all 4 of her kittens? (I said earlier there were 6-8, but in reality there were only four. Her tummy was so big they kept thinking more were coming). The Calico is doing fine and is "an excellent mother." She's also a people person. She purrs and purrs anytime anyone even walks past her.

I held the kittens when they were only 3 days old. Cute doesn't even begin to cut it. There isn't a word for holding something that small and fragile and cute and furry. Delicious, is what comes to mind. And don't think, as I was holding all four in two palms cuddled against my chest, that I didn't think of bolting for the door and carrying them all home.

The vet was unusually quiet the day I went in and for a short while I was the only person in the lobby with the kittens. But a few other people came in and it was humorous to see everyone's reaction because man or woman, young or old, every reaction was the same. The person would stop dead in their tracks, their eyes would widen, their mouth drop open, and a long, soft,"Ohhhhhhh" would come out.

I'm sure there is one teenage girl's mother out there cursing my name. The girl came in to pick up some food for their dog and lost her mind when she saw how cute the kittens were. She held an orange and white one and kept nodding hard in agreement as I told her over and over again how good they looked together and that kitten was meant for her. Chances are she hasn't stopped talking about it and I'm hoping I've at least found that kitten a home.

BTW, none of the kittens were calico. One was black and white, one gray and white, and two orange and white.

My allergies prohibit another cat. As it is, people keep asking me if I have a cold and I keep telling them no, I just sound like this until October.

I'm writing an article for our local paper about the kittens. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that they all find good homes (especially the mommy cat).