Website Highs & Lows

Melody (my talented website designer) just posted the rough site for my book to the web. I love it! In fact, her website design is influencing my choice of cover. I have 4 cover designs to choose from and was leaning away from one until I saw how Melody used it and the colors from it to create the website. Now I'll probably end up selecting that cover just for that reason. (That, and if I e-mail family and friends and ask them to tell me one more time which cover they really, really like, they'll hunt me down and stone me.)

Website Woes: I'm panicking. Do I need two websites? Would I have been better to incorporate the web pages for Lessons In Stalking into my existing site? Will people be confused at two sites? Will they visit both?

Frankly, I like the look of both sites and am loathe to give one up. But from a practicality standpoint, I need to consider it. And why the heck didn't I think about this before???