Jekyll Island - Day I

To continue with our vacation, we left Savannah and the Wormsloe Plantation by 2pm on Tuesday and drove the hour and a half to Jekyll Island. We were wiped out by the time we arrived. This was the day the weather moved from "quite warm" to "it's frigging hot." We were ready to be wrung out after our morning and afternoon of walking around in it and even time in an air-conditioned car didn't do a lot. We went limp when we stepped out of the car at the hotel and back into the heat.

The hotel itself was fantastic and I'll post some pictures. It was built between 1887 and 1902 and used to serve as a hunting club for the rich (Vanderbilts, Rockefeller, etc.)to hang out. Our top floor room had a front-facing balcony that overlooked the croquet court. We spent a lot of time out there.

For this day though, we were pooped. We walked around the hotel to get our bearings, ate a quick dinner out, then I took a loooong shower, cranked up the AC, donned a terry-cloth bathrobe and settled in for a night of American Idol. Blair took the high road and read.

More tomorrow...