"Crow" - Yoga Pose

While blow-drying my hair a few minutes ago I raised my left arm and saw a series of light green and purple bruises on the inside fleshy part of the arm.  I raised my other arm and saw the exact same thing.  It looked like someone had grabbed me and pressed their fingers into my arms.  What was going on?

Then I remembered--crow.  Crow is a pose in yoga where you place both palms flat on the floor, place your knees inside your armpits, then lean forward and raise your feet, balancing your entire body on both palms.  I'm not quite able to keep my knees in my armpits just yet so they dig into the backs of my arms, hence the bruises.  BUT, I held the pose for about 7 seconds today with my feet high off the ground so I am most excited.  Crow rocks!

Our instructor promised we'd try headstands next week.  Aaaiieee.  I tried to do one against a wall this morning and now have to figure out how to repair major plaster damage from where my feet slammed into the wall.  The noise sent the cats running...it was not a pretty sight.

Someday I'm sure all this yoga training will kick in and I'll be as graceful as the wind.  Until then, I'm carrying drywall paste around with me to repair the damages.