Sherlock Holmes I Am

Blair and I have a running joke that he is incapable of surprising me.  I always find out ahead of time.  For example, we were cleaning house Wednesday night and I wanted to tidy up the pile of CD's sitting out. 

"Where are the CD cases to these?" I asked. 

"In the car in the middle section between the seats," he replied.

I went out to the car and looked in the middle section but the cases weren't there.  I popped the trunk, figuring they might be in there.  They weren't, but I discovered something better.

I came back into the house waving the Wal-Mart bag that contained the newest Harry Potter video.  "Look what I found!" I said.

He grimaced.  "That was supposed to be a surprise for us to watch this weekend. Why were you in the trunk?"

I kissed him.  "Because I rule, that's why."

THEN, after we were done cleaning, he brought me 2 Dove dark chocolate candy pieces.  I LOVE dark chocolate and am not to be trusted around it so I usually have him hide candy from me. 

But the next day while Blair was at work, I was craving chocolate.  I figured he had bought a bag of it.  But where would it be?  I checked a few obvious places like the closet and dresser drawer.  Nothing.  Then I applied my Vulcan-logic.

He's much taller than me, so the hiding place would be somewhere high, where I couldn't easily reach.  But not high enough that he'd need a ladder to get to it.  Plus, he brought me the candy right after we finished cleaning.  Which led me to the top shelf in the bathroom closet where--BINGO!--I found the bag of candy.

I had it laying on the kitchen countertop when he got home. 

"How did you find that??" he sputtered.

I shrugged.  "I'm just that good."

Now if I could only find those missing CD cases...