No Cat Book thru Publications International

'Tis not to be.  Received an e-mail today from the Publications International editor that they've selected someone else for the cat book.  It's really been a marvelous week ego-wise for me as a writer. Don't know if I can stand any more bliss.

No worries.  That August deadline really had me scared.  And the editor did say the panel liked my writing and she wondered if I would be interested in applying to work on some inspirational/humor books they would be producing?

I jumped on the humor one and she is to e-mail me details later this week.  As for inspirational...not sure that's my thing.  My way of inspiring people is to tell them to get their heads out of their asses and get on with it.  But maybe if I wrote that and inserted something about the "heartbeat of life" I could get away with it? Hmmm....

Meanwhile, work is going swimmingly on the public speaking book.  I'm devoting at least an hour a day to it and it's amazing how quickly the words add up.  I'm also enjoying writing it (and amusing myself in the process) which tells me I'm on the right track.  I'm looking to get a few chapters written and then critiqued by my Writer's Group while I plot out a proposal to send to agents/publishers.  As I recall from the Lessons In Stalking experience, that's a good 6-12 month wait for replies.

That's all.  I'm working on an article for public speaking for The Toastmaster magazine that I need to get back to.