Decorating Diaries - Rooms on Film

My decorator is coming tonight with a friend to take the "Before" pictures of our bedroom.  The good thing about before pictures is you want them to look as poor as possible so my motivation to clean before they arrive is pretty much nil...

Running into what may or may not turn out to be a problem with the bathroom contractor.  As noted earlier, the quoted cost for redoing our bedroom and bath was over double what we had allotted.  So both our decorator and bathroom contractor have been hard at work, redoing figures and finding replacement features (i.e., on/off faucets under $1000, thank you very much). The decorator has kept on top of it, calling me every few days of updates.  Can't say the same for the contractor.

No word from her.  In her defense, she is friends with the decorator who has acted as a go-between.  But even she (the decorator) was commenting that the contractor needed to be better about keeping customers apprised of the situation.

"I even offered to give you the figures myself if she would give them to me," said our decorator.

I appreciate the extra effort, but I don't think so.  I'm not working with anyone who can't manage to dial a phone and call me.  And as I said, it's certainly not to that point yet.  She's coming along tonight as well to lay out her new plan for our bath and I'm pretty certain she's put in some long hours on it.  We'll see.

I was outlining all this for Blair last night and he was shaking his head and grinning.  "Women's communication dynamics," he said.  He made a claw and slashed through the air.  "Rowr!  Meow!"

That's it.  He's banished from making any color choices for the bathroom.