I'm going to be on TV

A gentleman in my Toastmaster group hosts a local community cable show and has asked me on as a guest to speak about self-esteem and public speaking.  We've talked about this for a month and it's always been one of those, "Yeah, I'll call you and we'll set something up," and then nothing happens.  Well this morning (Saturday) I got a call from him asking if I could be at the studio at 11am on Monday for the interview.  I got the message off my cell phone, turned to Blair and said, "Of course we'll be chucking all our weekend plans in favor of going shopping for a new outfit for me."

Not really!  For Oprah, yes, I will hit the stores but community access is going to have to live with me wearing my has-beens.

I've read that people appearing on TV should wear solid colors, not white, and never go sleeveless.  A peek in my closet reveals striped and patterned long sleeve shirts or sleeveless solids.  Story of my life.

I need to submit a list of questions to him by tomorrow.  I was just working on it and it's harder than it sounds to come up with questions to interview yourself about.  My wanna-be-questions range from, "So tell us, Ms. Harris, is it true you're a natural genius or do you have to be a little thought into it?  to "How long do you think you can hold out until everyone figures out you're a fraud?"  (Just kidding on both counts....) =)

Although the topic is public speaking and not my humor book, you can be darn sure I'm going to manage to slip that in somewhere.  Every ounce of publicity counts... Wish me luck!