Alexander and the Lion's Cut

Here's one of the e-mails I received on the Great Cat Butt Wiping Adventure story, along with accompanying photo of Alexander.  Thanks to Alex's owner, Linda, for giving me permission to reprint here:

Hello Dena,
Oh my gosh...what a great story !! I have this 5 year old , 25 lb Main Coon (Alexander), who also can't seem to reach his bottom. I've only had him about 4 months and I've had lots of cats in the past but none with this problem. I took him to a groomer about a month ago to get a cool "lion cut" for the summer months and his bottom was a disgrace. Anyway, they cleaned him up good and said I could bring him back anytime for a bottom wash (only $5). I try to keep him clean with baby wipes but sometimes he's not in the mood and when a 25 lb cat is not in the mood to have his bottom cleaned don't get done! Anyway, I decided today he was going to have a bottom wash here at home. So I put some cat shampoo in the sink with warm water and put him up on the counter, with his bottom next to the edge of the sink and we got it done. His bottom is washed, rinsed and dry and the view is much better as he walks away from me with his big fluffy tail up in the air. Thanks for the great story & the idea to just do it myself.
Linda Shook
Lakewood, WA