More reasons I should never bear young...

As if I needed further proof, a 3 1/2 hour visit from my almost 4-year-old nephew today has once again shed a glaring light on the fact that I must never, ever be allowed to breed.

I have such a need to CONTROL.  My nephew dropped his napkin on the floor.  "Please pick that up," I said. He grinned at me and said "No."

I swear, I just wanted to reach over and whack that smile off his face.  I am not a violent person so where does such rage come from? Control issues, for sure.  It infuriates me that I can't make him do what I want.

And just having kids in the house puts me on edge.  For example, I set out cheese, crackers and strawberries and watched my nephew like a hawk as he ate the strawberry while sitting on our rug, barely following the conversation as my mind was occupied with what I could put on the rug if strawberry juice dripped on it.

Apparently my many hours spent watching Nanny 911 and Nanny Rescue (I'm addicted to both shows) are for naught. 

Such experiences make me deeply, deeply appreciate stay-at-home moms and dads (I know 2 stay-at-home dads who are excellent so we can't leave them out!).  These people are AMAZING to me and deserve not only our full respect and admiration, but heaps of praise and a standing ovation.

For those of you out there raising your young, you are better people than me.  I salute you.