Dena on TV - Take Two

Spent this morning taping the 30-minute TV segment for Greensboro Community Access TV. The "Take Two" in today's title is accurate - we had to shoot it twice.

I was a little nervous going in because I never know where to look with TV.  I tend to oogle the host so I don't have to look at the camera.  But we had our 30-minute segment and I thought it went pretty well.  Then the producer motioned the host back to the cutting room.

"Uh-oh," I thought.  "I did something wrong.  My mike wasn't working.  I used too big of gestures and obliterated my face when I spoke. Something." Tyrone, the host, came back.

"We need to do that again," he said.  "They didn't have the recording equipment set up properly. "

So we ended up taping the entire show again.  I did well except for one question where I went on so long in my answer I forgot what the original question was.  I finally remembered and managed to bring it back around but it was not the most succinct of answers.

Better was that on the 2nd go-around Tyrone asked me to give my contact info, so I was able to cite my website.  Not a direct plug for the book, but anyone who visits there will certainly be able to find their way to the book with no problem.

Not sure when the piece will air.  Probably sometime in August.  And I have no idea how many people will see it.  I'm guessing being local cable it won't be hordes.  But it just takes the right person seeing it to make a difference.

Now I must go scrub my face.  I actually put on foundation today and in this 110 degree heat we're having (I kid not) I feel like my face is about to melt off.