Decorating Diaries - Bad News

Ouch, this is painful.  We've decided to let our bathroom contractor go off the project.  She was supposed to show up last night and never did and no phone call.  It's not the first time.  As Blair said, "Shame on us if we keep working with her when we've seen the writing on the wall."  Still, it's hard "firing" someone...

It really is nothing personal.  I think she is a very gifted designer with a ton of energy and ideas.  What I don't like is I don't feel listened to, the budget has gone wildly astray, and most importantly, the follow-up isn't there.  I'm a pretty forgiving person.  I can get over you not showing up if you just call and tell me you'll be late or that you won't be there.  But this whole no-show thing gets under my skin.  I arranged my schedule to meet with her - no phone call shows a lack of respect for my time.

So I'm to be the one to do it.  Yuck.  For all my big talk, I really don't like confrontations.  Not that I think it will be bad.  She's a very nice person and I expect she'll be gracious and apologetic.  I just don't like hurting people's feelings.

We are painting this weekend.  The tape issue has yet to be resolved but I think we've both lost steam over it.

Just offer a prayer that we like the bedroom color. Otherwise Saturday and Sunday have LONG WEEKEND written all over them.