Family Promotions - Take Two

Okay, I apologize.  My sister is on the ball.  We spoke last night and she said not only has she sent my correct website address out, that people looked at the book site and liked it.  One woman said she didn't even like cats but thought the book looked interesting. I'll have to attribute that to my website designer, Melody Watsonfor making the site look so appealing. Another woman said she was linking the site on her favorites page.  That really makes me feel good - what an honor.

My sister also said she'd also look into seeing if my book could be sold through the college bookstore at the campus she works at.  This is how this book is going to have to take off - small venues and word-of-mouth.

My editor at Cats & Kittensaccepted 4 more humor stories from me which will almost set me up as the humor columnist again for the coming year.  The grand part is all the stories are book excerpts so I'm hoping that will generate more sales as well.

Just have to get the book to the printer!  The final version, hard copy, is on it's way to me in the mail.  I'll do a final proof and then send on to the printer.  My bookmark design is almost ready, so we're close! I can't wait to have the book in hand.  Although I need to get busy sending out galleys for review.  Never a moment to spare.