Decorating Diaries - Primer Complete

It's Saturday morning and we had the bedroom prepped and primed by 9 am.  That's what marrying the God of Dawn does for you - gives you a little jump on your day.  And since I've had e-mails from people wondering about the taping war (seriously y'all, get a life), here the scoop...

We started out switching positions.  I started:

Me: "Let's tape."

Blair: "No no, it was a bad idea.  You're right, we shouldn't tape."

Me: "No, better safe than sorry, we should tape."

Blair: "I refuse to tape!"

Me: "I insist we tape!!"

We ended up not taping. =)

Blair is so cute.  He is Mr. Precision and it takes him an hour to do the trim along one wall.  Admittedly, it's a much better looking paint job than my slash and dash method, but there is a balance of time to be had.  He was priming around the crown molding and I was priming the bottom half of the room and rollering the walls.  I had 3/4 of the room done by the time he finished his part.  "I was worried you would lap me," he confessed.

The funniest part though, was the radio.  We were listening to a country station and the signal was clear the whole time we painted.  Then Blair moved his ladder so he was standing pretty much right above the radio antenna and the signal weakened and faded in and out.

I glanced at the radio then at Blair.  He looked back at me.  "Just say it."

"Say what?" I asked.

"That my butt is blocking the radio signal," he said.

I almost dropped the brush I was laughing so hard.  He cracks me up.

We're heading out for some Saturday errands (foraging for food, that sort of thing) and then we'll put the first coat of color on tonight.  The only thing left to do is barricade the room before we leave to keep the cats out.