Decorating Diaries - It's Beautiful!

The bedroom color is beautiful.  Deep sigh of relief.  As we painted the first coat my heart was in my throat.  The yellow was one of those bright, cheery, get-out-of-bed-and-greet-the-day-with-a-smile-because-everything's-gonna-be-great! yellows.  Spare me.

The second coat seemed to tone it down a notch and when we added in the oriental rug and furnishings, the walls took on a sunny but not overly bright persona.  Now the room looks like a rich yellow and our pewter headboard and crystal chandelier (fake, btw), stand out.  It broke my heart to put the ugly flowered green comforter back on the bed but the new bedcoverings won't be in for over a month.

Apparently we ticked one of the cats off by painting all weekend -- one of the two pee'd in the shower in the guest bathroom.  "At least it's a semi-considerate place to pee," we consoled ourselves.  So I'll have to spend some one-on-one time with both cats because neither has fessed up to being the culprit.  (Although my suspicions rest with Lucy.  We kept shooing her out of the room when she wanted to examine the painting process.  A cat ignored ranks right up there with a woman scorned).