The Squirrels Return?

Remember the scene in the 80's movie Poltergeist near the end where the little girl has been rescued and the family is getting ready to move and everyone thinks everything is okay, and then the light appears again under the closet door?  As the door slides open and the evil of the netherworld slithers out in the form of a demon clown and red-blood vessel tentacles, the little girl sitting on her bed, moans softly, "No more"?

That's what I feel  like with the squirrels.  We took the little buggers out and I'm hearing scrabbling noises again.  I think they're still on the outside though.  I'm pretty sure the thudding noises I heard earlier today were on our lower exterior roof, above the guest bath.  The furry rodents are trying to find a way in, I'm sure of it.  I'll blow up the house before I'll let them have it.  I used to like squirels until they invaded our home.  Now I jump out of my skin if I see one within three feet of the house.

"SQUIRRELS GO HOME." That's the sign I'm going to post on our roof.

If only the little buggers could read.