Proofreading My Book

My layout designer Robert Howard e-mailed me the pdf file of my "to-be-proofread" book today.  BIG excitment seeing it so close to print.  I printed out all 128 pages of it and it's now sitting on the corner of my desk, waiting to be proofed.  I've already found a big one.  The title page proclaims in big, bold letters: LESSONS IN STOCKING. much would that hurt to go to press, overlooking that little typo?

Needless to say, my next week will be spent in non-stop perusal of the book.  As will Blair's (whether he's aware of it or not--but he probably is).  He's as excited about the book as I am, which is gratifying to see.  He's never blinked an eye at the time or money output involved in this project. 

It's 10pm, my bedtime, and I know I'm too tired to start looking at the book, but the eager author in me is screaming with delirious joy, "Now! Now!  Stay up until 4am if you have to but proofread it NOW."

That screaming voice gets me in a lot of trouble.

I'm peeking at the pages as I type this.  Uh-oh, the preface looks to be in miniscule type.  I hope that can be fixed without altering the page count.  We're exactly where we need to be without wasting paper.

Okay, I'm at least going to go wash my face and perhaps give it a try at going to sleep.  I'll be up early for yoga (6am class on MWF - love it!!) and the book (yea, the book!  My book!) will still be here tomorrow.