It's A Miracle the Cats Are Still Speaking to Me...

And they are still speaking to me, although just barely.  Lucy came up to me this morning, tail standing straight up, bright-eyed, talking up a storm--all signals that say "I'm ready to play!"  I kept putting her off and putting her off..."No baby, Mommy's working."  Finally she gave up and curled into a sad little ball in front of my desk, her chin resting on her paws in the classic, "I'm so bored" pose as she heaved a deep sigh.

I couldn't take it.  Here I am writing about how to give cats the good life and I'm ignoring my own precious darlings!  So I got up and played with her for 10 minutes. She was so happy...well worth it.

I worry about Olivia though.  Lucy is vocal and if she wants your attention, trust me, you'll know it.  Olivia is very retiring and might walk around your feet once or twice but she's not an in your face cat.  So I try to watch that I make time for her as well.

Her new favorite game is to hide under our bed while I drag a cat toy that looks like a feather duster along the floor.  She reaches out and grabs it.  This game is more fun for her than for me as I don't even get to look at her while we play.  Maybe I glimpse the occasional paw here and there, but that's it.