So You Think You Can Dance...

Is anybody else watching this new reality show?  I'm completely hooked.  (Shocking, considering I've also been hooked on "Survivor, "The Amazing Race," The Apprentice" and about 50 other reality shows).  But I love this one.  Unlike American Idol, the judge are actually decent human beings who are kind yet honest.  And these people can  dance. It's really exciting to watch them do it.  And informative.  I watch them do moves that it just doesn't seem possible for the human body to perform and yet, when they get in say a Mambo class, the struggle with the steps.  It surprises me...I would think if you could move like that to begin with, you could do just about anything.

So that was my 2-hour break last night.  Actually, I've been disappointed in myself as a nighttime writer.  I had visions of writing sessions lasting until 1 am but I'm finding I'm pretty much tapped out by 7.   Could be because the real panic hasn't set in yet.  We'll see.

I turn in the outline today.  It's...all right.  I'm not estatic about it.  Part of the issue is I'm supposed to outline everything that will appear in a chapter.  Well, in the past week and a half of research, I've hit all the low-lying branches and then some.  So I can outline what I've found. But I'm short about 2000-3000 words in each chapter.  So how do I outline material that I've yet to discover and know what I'm writing about?

I'm sending in some sample chapters with the outline.  Just to make sure we're all on the same page.  I've actually calmed myself down by going with the worst case scenario.  Worst, worst case, I turn stuff in, they hate it and fire me and don't pay me, and I've lost 2 weeks of my life.  I can live with that.  People are dealing with a a lot worse.

So that actually comforts me. Since I know I can live with worst case, it helps me to  move forward and see what else can be done.

I've also got my monthly writers group meeting tonight, which is a bit of a jolt.  It's like, "Uh?  Outside life goes on? Wha...????

Back to the grind! =)