A Day At the Creek

We spent Sunday morning working and then headed out to our property with the idea of slipping on wading shoes and walking the creek.  It's been in the mid-90's here all week and with all the trees and shade and slightly higher elevation, it's usually cooler out at the land.  That combined with water and no work  made it easy to hop in the car and go.

Here's something: Did you know rocks get really, really slippery when they're wet?  Yeah, we kind of figured that one out when we both started doing 3 Stooges like movements as we tried to maintain balance (and this in only about 6 inches of water!).  We were taking bets on who would be the first one to fall fully down and I was betting against myself when "Boom!" Blair went down, catching himself about half-way. 

"Are you okay?" I asked. 

"Fine.  Just bruised my foot a bit," he said.  We rested a bit and then went on.  We spent about another hour in the creek with no major mishaps, spotted a lot of deer tracks and the paw prints of something that could be either a small bear or racoon (I never got my nature badge in Girl Scouts), and finally made it back to the car.  Thirty-five minutes later, we were home.  Blair, who had been doing outdoor work ALL weekend in the heat, went to lay down for a nap.

I saw he was awake about 30 minutes later and asked if he wanted to go for a walk.  "Sure," he said, swinging himself out of bed.  Then he just about tumbled to the floor.

His foot is, in Southern parlance, "give out."  There's no bruising, but it is swollen.  We put ice on it but he hobbled around for the rest of the night, unable to put weight on it and from what I can see, it looks to be getting worse, not better.  We're hoping things will look better in the morning.

All in all, we got off lucky.  If he had taken a fall at the creek and actually sprained or broken something, we'd be screwed.  The car is far and away up a steep hill and we're out in the boonies.  As I mentioned to Blair when we were both first slipping and sliding all over the place at the creek, "We're not known for being the smartest of people."

I'll keep you updated on the invalids condition.  Mr. Independent will not be a happy camper if he has to rely on me for a few days.  But from my perspective...AH HA HA---the power!!!!!!!!