Book Snafus

Aaargh. Why is nothing ever easy?  I got a phone call from Central Plains Book Manufacturing, the company in Kansas that is printing Lessons In Stalking.Per them, the CD I forwarded them from my interior text designer which was supposed to have the final edited text and cover on it, has only the cover.  So they're stalled on starting book production until they get the text. (As a side note, when I called CP this morning to speak to my assigned rep, I asked for her e-mail and it was one of those loooong addresses that go on for miles.  "Nothing like a short e-mail address, right?" I said jokingly.  Dead silence on the other end.  Grr-reat.  She should be really fun to work with.)

So, I've put a call and e-mail into my text designer to see what's up.  Now I wait.

As far as the new cat book I'm working on, I still haven't heard anything since I turned in my outline.  Interesting, considering the deadlines they gave me indicate the first half of the material is due tomorrow.  The situation calls to mind one of my favorite quotes: "I Love Deadlines.  I especially love the whoosing sound they make as they go by."

I've completed two of the six chapters. "Completed" assuming they approve the outline I submitted, that is.  (I love working without a net.)  At this point, I'm trying to finish a chapter a day.  It's a stretch, but I think I might pull it off.

Other news: Blair's foot is better.  He's still limping but no longer lurches like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Other, other news: My ass is starting to conform to the shape of our office chair.  It's a big chair. Not a good thing.