Still Nothing....

I still have not heard anything from my editor on this cat book!  I submitted the sample outline and chapter info last Thursday.  I sent another e-mail yesterday, Wednesday, to check on the outline and also get a feel for deadlines.  According to the original schedule, half of the material was due yesterday. But that was pending outline approval.  I'll have close to half of the material ready to send in today but it's nerve wracking being left up in the air.  Are they not responding because I'm on the right track and they've other fires to put out so they're not worried about me?  Or are they holding secret late-night meetings on how they can fire me and still legally retain my research??

I'm going to have to break down and place a phone call today.  I loathe the phone but often e-mail just doesn't do the trick.

I have picked my game up a little, which is also resulting in less sleep for me.  Tuesday night I woke up 2:30 am from dreaming about moving blocks of text about lions around my house, trying to find the right place for it.  My eyes popped open and BING! I was up.  Not "maybe I can go back to sleep if I try."  I was 100% wide awake.  So I got up and did an hour and a half of work.  Then last night I took a two-hour break to watch "So You Think You Can Dance," and so worked from 10pm - 12-30am to make up for lost time.  Again, I dreamed about cutting and pasting blocks of text.

I really don't feel stressed so much as just concerned.  I'd like to know what's going on.  Part of it is that I've put my life on hold to work on this book and I need it to be finished so I can get back to other projects. (Some very exciting things in the works which I will blog about in a day or two). 

On a side note, my Toastmasters group had an awards ceremony and along with the real awards handed out joke awards to everyone.  I won the "Vroom!" award for being super-hyper and always taking off out of the gate.  That is my biggest public speaking challenge--to talk slower.  I was eating a bit of candy in the meeting the other day and one guy I hardly know walked by, shook his head, and said, "Do you really think you need the sugar?" Funny!