Who's Sending Me Meat?

Friends and family know I'm a vegetarian.  They know this because every time they put a bite of meat in their mouth I sigh and say things like, "Poor piggy," or "Cows are such gentle animals." 

I give you this bit of trivia to set the scene for what just occurred.  I, as usual, was working like a dog when the doorbell rang. (Okay, fine, I was stuffing yogurt down my face, but whatever.)  I open the door and see the Federal Express guy jogging back toward his truck.  Looking down, there is a huge, long cardboard box at my feet.  Narrow, it was literally almost an armspan in length.  And in big, bold letters on the outside it said: FRESH CUTS!

Fresh cuts? My immediate knee-jerk reaction was, "Who the hell is sending me meat?" It was only when I dragged the box inside I noticed the FTD label and smaller print announcing the box contained fresh flowers.

I have the sweetest best friend alive.  She sent me a beautiful bouquet of purple and yellow flowers.  The yellow flowers are small roses and the purple flowers are, um, purple.  I've got them in a vase on the edge of my desk along with her card congratulating me for the project I've been working on.  I am friends with good people.

So the moral lesson for the day is this: Whining will get you fresh flowers. Oh, and also: Don't eat meat.