My Days of Being Carded Are Over...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I still have those days when--given the right lighting and the proper application of makeup--I can convince myself that if need be, I could still pass for someone in my twenties (I'm 35). 

This theory was shot to hell a few days ago when I watched myself on TV.  I appeared on a local access cable program, talking about how public speaking relates to self-esteem.  Watching myself on TV, I was able to make note of several things:

  • I have a really annoying habit of closing my eyes when I'm making a point.  I think I do it to gather my thoughts, but I end up saying half a sentence with my eyes closed.  Gaaa!  Why haven't family and friends told me of this before??
  • My arms are not as toned as I think they are.  I wore a sleeveless shirt for the interview and am regretting it.  Enough said.
  • I have a lovely profile and a not-so-great head-on look.  I will now be conducting all future conversations with my head arched to the left.
  • If I saw me on TV, didn't know me, and had to guess my age, I'd probably go with mid to late 30's.  It's in the crinkles at the eyes and around the mouth and yes, even a little age showing in the neck. 

It's not that I'm displeased with how I look.  It's more that I had one of those awakening, "Hey, no one's going to blink if you try to beer at the bar" type moments. 

Next time I appear on TV, I'm going to wear my hair in pigtails and carry a teddy bear and see if that helps.