Invitation to Speak....

Here's my exciting news I mentioned in an earlier post.  I've been asked to speak as a faculty member for the National Speakers Association (NSA) winter meeting at Loes Ventana Canyon Resort in Arizona.   The event is being billed as "NSA University" and has 4 tracks members chose may choose from: branding, marketing, performance, writing.  I'll be on the writing track along with two other faculty members and the three of us are responsible for 14 hours of class time including panel discussions, small group interactions, writing practice, pre-program assignments, etc.  It's an all expense paid trip plus they'll buy 100 copies of my book, and I can sell more copies in the bookstore. 

NSA is big time.  One of my long-term goals is to be eligible to join their group.  These are people who more often than not are making a living from their public speaking practice.  One way to become eligible for membership is to have earned $25,000 in the last year from speaking appearances. (Um, gee, I haven't earned that, but I was given a free lunch at my last speaking appearance.  Would that count??)

I am nervous about speaking in front of professional speakers, but not overly so--at least not yet.  We'll see how I'm doing in January.  I look on this as a "practice what you preach" opportunity.  I'm forever telling my students, "Audiences don't care about perfect. Audiences care about real."  And "Be yourself. Do the best you can.  Giving a not-so-great speech is not the end of the world."

Good advice.  But of course, I also want to kick-ass. =)  The Dean of our writing program is working on curriculum that we'll then refine.  I  am SO excited.  This is a fantastic networking opportunity.  I can't wait to see what comes of it.