Decorating Diaries - Update

Lest you think the master bedroom/bath do-over has been shoved aside, I will enlighten you with updates.

The decorator called a few days ago to say our curtains would be in on Wednesday (tomorrow) BUT the rods to hang them from were on back order and may be another two weeks.  My question now to myself is why I allowed myself to be convinced to order rods? Since when did I become too good for Target?

The bedding will be another two weeks as well.  VERY excited to see that final project.  We however, need to get on the ball and order new sheets.  Right now we're on cheap green sheets that have never really fit the bed.  We have a double pillowtop mattress and queen sheets are too small and king are too big.  We went with queen but every time we roll over we can feel the elastic on the bedcover give another quarter inch.

I have promised myself good  sheets.  High thread count sheets.  Oprah-like sheets.  I have no idea where one goes to obtain such sheets, but I want to buy them soon.  It would be a major letdown to put the beautiful new coverings on my bed and then slip into icky old ugly green sheets beneath.

As far as the bathroom....I think we're regressing.  We've gone from high-end designer look to a "Look, let's just let Lowe's do it" mentality.  I tried to talk Blair into holding off another year as we've got a few other things we're paying off right now, but he says (and I know I'll agree with him come December) he doesn't want to live through another winter of ice-cold floors.  It really is about 10 degrees colder in our bathroom in the winter than in the rest of the house.  I'm just not looking forward to contractors and dirt and scheduling gone awry.  But this too shall end.

So that's all there is.  I'll let you know when the damn curtain rods come in. =)