Okay, Speaking Can Be Like, Hard. You Know?

I gave a 30-minute speech on Wednesday to my Toastmaster's group.  The speech was the "stock" speech I deliver at job clubs and business luncheons in the area with tips for being a more successful speaker. 

Overall, I was pleased with how the speech went and how it was received.  However, it was pointed out that while I have excellent control over not saying "um" or "ah," I do have the verbal tic of saying "Okay" and "You know?"

I knew I had these so it's no great surprise.  Still, it was a little bit like having cold water throw on me to have someone else point out my flaws.  But everything for a reason.  I have 4 months to get these tics under control until I present at NSA University.  So I've asked Blair to help me and point out every time I say "okay" or "you know," even in casual conversation. 

"Do I get to throw things at you when you do it?" he asked.

Yes, he's a joy to live with.

But this is an alert for family and friends as well.  Yell or blow a whistle at me or something every time you hear me say "Okay" and "You know."  I'm thinking of setting up a charity jar and putting a dollar in it every time I mess up.  I am loath to part with money so perhaps that will do the trick.

You know?