The Cats Hate Me

I have ignored my babies for too long and now they hate me.  I'm sure of it.

This week has been crazy busy and I've had time to do little more than pat the tops of both cats heads in the morning before I head out.  (Usually each receives 10 minutes of individual play time and at least a 10 minute combing apiece).  For awhile, the cats would come visit me at the upstairs computer where I work. They would stare mournfully at me before slowly walking off, tail down, the picture of sorrow.

Such theatrics usually work on me and my typical response would be to fling myself at the cats feet with toys and snacks, begging their forgiveness.  But for the past 5 days I've just had to look at them and say, "Sorry.  Can't do it right now."

Well.  I just realized it's 11 am and I have not had a visit from either cat this morning!  Unheard of!!  I would usually have 2-3 visits from each by now.  Couple that with the disturbing incident yesterday where I left the house and called out my usual goodbye to Lucy who was looking out the window and she didn't even turn her head.    AAAUGH!  They're not even acknowledging my presence any longer!  Sniff.  Sob.  My babies!

Stupid work.  Stupid pay check.  Stupid writer's ego.  I need to get my priorities straight and spend some time with my cats.