The Cat & The Cricket

Blair walked into the kitchen yesterday to find a small cricket swimming laps in the cats waterdish.  We've been unable to ascertain if the cricket took a dip of his own free will or--as we suspect--was tossed into the water for the viewing and entertainment pleasures of two female felines who shall remain nameless.

Lucy was very interested in the removal of the cricket, however.  She tagged along at Blair's heels as he scooped up the cricket and walked to the front door, to release it.  She looked anxiously up at him as she scurried to keep up, chattering the entire time: "Mow mrow mrow meow meow meow..."  Translation: You're not going to let him go, are you?  That would be a shame to let him go.  Tell you what, let's make a deal.  Wait, slow down.  Listen, you set the cricket down and look the other way and hey!  Are you listening? You set the cricket down and I can guarantee the non-shredding of a certain chair I know you to be rather fond of.  Deal? Deal??

I have no idea if the untimely release of the cricket had anything to do with the copious amounts of dirt we found scattered in the library this morning.  Someone had been having some fun with the plants.  Lucy sat across the room from us, avoiding eye contact as we scooped the dirt back into the pot.

"Did you do this?" I demanded, looking at her.


"Let me see your paws," I say.

She bolted for the dining room. 

Yes, I think I know who the guilty culprit is.