To Do List - Very Boring, Feel Free to Skip

This entry is for my own peace of mind.  I'm getting that shallow breath "too much to do--can't process correctly" feeling and so feel the need to regurgitate for all to see the tasks I need to remember "to do."  As I type these words I'm literally thinking, "I'll forget something.  Oh no, make a list of things not to forget to put on the to do list."  Time for drugs.

So this is more of my "calm down, it's all here list."  Pretty mundane stuff so try again tomorrow.  I've got a cute story about how my Saturn station wagon became possessed and trapped Blair inside.  Good stuff.

Here we go!

Dena's To Do List:


  • Have Blair look at lamps one more time for bedroom and decide yes/no.  I lean toward yes.
  • Call Steve and see if we can order tile from Cabinet Lady but have him install.  If yes, call Cabinet Lady and order tile.  If no, see if he will install heated floor and then if C.L. will install tile.
  • Call Marty and get on his schedule to contract all this.
  • Take 2 days and scrape wallpaper off bathroom walls - asap! 
  • Order bathroom faucets (for shower) - get same ones as in guest bath?
  • Order sheets for bed (Someone recommended

Conference - Charlotte, all weekend

  • Print out the first 15 pages of both "Millicent" and "Sam" - 2 copies of each.
  • Remember to bring: handouts/postcards/business cards/camera
  • Extras: water/sunglasses/extra contacts/healthy snacks/tea bags
  • Pack tonight. What wearing for speech tomorrow?  Will last 2 hour car drive or change once there?
  • Go over intro to speech several more times - Remember to bring my notes!!!
  • Make self exercise before leave tomorrow - get up early!
  • Review conference brochure so can talk semi-intelligently to other faculty w/out embarrassing self by not knowing who they are

News & Record Auto Articles

  • Next week - schedule next 4 appointments
  • Find antique car clubs / motorcycle clubs / RV clubs - any interesting care for "Tire Tracks"
  • Follow-up with Brian for woman who just bought Hummer
  • Compose e-mail and send to all dealerships explaining what Tire Tracks is so they may give me referrals
  • Delete photos off camera

College PreView Magazine Article

  • While at conference this weekend, write 3 profiles AND rough draft of entire article
  • Call student back and set time for interview EARLY next week
  • Need to interview a female African-American or Hispanic high school or college student who runs her own business.  Call Drena's son, e-mail Robbyn, call Universities.

Website Updates

  • New blog page- Readers Cats (need better name). Add in couple of photos/stories I have
  • New blog or LIS page - organizations I donate book sales to
  • New Blog or LIS media page - media appearances - when and where
  • Add NSA confernce info to sites
  • Lessons In Stalking Website - need to add e-commerce options that can track codes.  Review bids, award project and move work forward.  Must be done by end of next week!!!
  • Dena Harris website - MUST ADD IN BOOK COVER AND LINKS FOR Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul.  I have no idea how to do this.  Call Melody.
  • Netfirms - are stats tracked just for DH site or also for LIS site?  How can I track separately?
  • Need to better promote all sites - submit to search engines, etc.
  • UPDATE site so says the book is here instead of "coming soon"

Lessons In Stalking  Book

  • Call Borders about book launch - NOW NOW NOW!!!
  • Book Orders for pre-orders need to go out SAME DAY book comes in
  • Follow-up with Shana on time frame for second printing
  • Need sign for book signings - one for book and one for "Tell Me About Your Cat" for blog page
  • Find balloons with cats on them?
  • Guest book for contact list?
  • Contact every cat site under the sun and see what media exposure I can drum up - need to devote at least a full day to get this cranked up
  • Send out review copies of book - but first need to make a list of where exactly those copies would be set out
  • Meet w/Michael & Pam re: sales
  • Go through media folder and GET ORGANIZED - track where when I pursue media and results - avoid duplication and annoying people!
  • Send copies out to everyone who blurbed the book with note of thanks.
  • Press Releases to local media
  • Send to Amazon ASAP
  • Write note to mail out with book, asking readers to review on Amazon?
  • Stock up on shipping supplies - need to be ready to roll...
  • Much, much more that I know I'm missing....

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Book

  • Remember to take camera to radio interview next week - go prepared with notes and favorite quote
  • Follow up on morning TV show interview
  • Make sure Dusty Dunn has received copy of book
  • Post on blog and website
  • e-mail friends - I can get 50% discount but need to factor in time/shipping costs
  • Order additional copies to sell or use as give aways at my book signings

Novel & Short Story Article

  • Compose outline and questions
  • Call Katherine and interview her
  • Get 3 contacts and interview
  • Need rough draft done by end of October! This one needs work and should have time to sit!!

Public Speaking Book

  • Simply must make time for this, starting 1st week in October, back on writing schedule
  • Get my sections written then add in stories/anecdotes - pull from contact list
  • Find stories/anecdotes - obtain permissions


  • E-mail and find out curriculum and begin preparing
  • Creative Writing Class - need course outline and exercises / syllabus
  • Find new exercises for standard P.S. workshop - it's feeling a bit stale, needs new energy


  • Figure out how to work the stupid cell phone - delete or save in middle of message, get rid of pics and go back to text
  • Exercise schedule
  • New filing system that will probably have to wait until less pressed for time
  • Time spent with Blair and the cats would be lovely