Knitting 101 & A Day At Home

Curses on my friend Melody for inviting me to her abode last night and teaching me to knit.  I have a staggering  amount of work to do but all I can think is, I could sit down and get off a few rows.  I want nothing more than to pop in a movie I know well so I don't actually  have to watch it, plop myself on the couch with my yarn and needles, and not move for the next two hours.

That will be my late afternoon treat if I am a good writer and productive for the rest of the day.  I am SO HAPPY because I squeezed in a few appointments late yesterday afternoon and so I get to stay home today.  No 40-minute drive into GSO - yippee! I got up at 5 today and went to my 6 AM yoga class, came home, showered, and put my sweatpants and t-shirt right back on.  There are few pleasures in life as great as dressing like a sloth on a work day.

Tile guy could not make it out yesterday and so is absolutely going to be here this morning.  I'll hold off on further commentary until tomorrow.

Back to knitting--I am not a natural.  No shock there.  I've never had strong hand/eye coordination.  But I'm looking at this first piece as purely a practice piece and so am not getting down on myself if I add a knot or make a mess.  This is the learning scarf and worst case, I'll give it to the cats.  But I enjoy the process.  It's the methodicalness (is that a word?) of it that I enjoy.  Same movements, over and over, and slowly you see the fabric growing before your eyes.  So much of what I do is long-term--write an article, send it out, wait 6 months for it to appear--that it's appealing to do something that produces immediate results. 

Like I said, it's not looking pretty at this point, but I'll get there.  I'm hoping Melody (and I take back my earlier curse on her, because she was so sweet and patient with me) and I and other knitting friends can get together every now and then for practice.

And now I must (knit a few rows...), no no -- work!