Cruisin' in a '72 Pontiac Sports Lemans

rp2.jpgI write a weekly featurette called "Tire Tracks" for the Greensboro paper where I profile people who have unique, interesting, or unusual cars.  I met yesterday with the owner of this cool cruisin' mobile and couldn't resist when he offered me a ride around the block. (That "thwunk" sound you just heard was my mom falling dead of a heart attack).  But the guy was nice, we took pictures of the car in front of town hall and most people there knew him and were chatting with us and saw us drive off together, so I felt pretty safe.

Although I am not a car person by any stretch, it was fun riding in this thing.  Heads turned and we got several thumbs up.  We drove by a playground and a bunch of kids yelled, "Hey!  Give us a ride!"  Too bad he didn't offer to let me drive. ;)