Deciding What to Say "Yes" or "No" To

I made a decision the middle of last week that I'm dropping the News & Record auto column assignments.  I was asked by the paper in October to write two weekly columns for their Saturday auto page.  One is called "Tire Tracks" and profiles people who have unique, interesting or unusual cars. The other is "At Your Service" and for that I go into dealerships for employee profiles.  Both pieces are very brief - no more than 150 words and a photo--and the pay is good for the work involved.  But it's been bothering me more and more lately that I find myself spending time on assignments and projects I don't enjoy and that aren't enhancing my career.  So I'm looking for ways to cut back and the auto columns were the first to fall under the ax.

I'd been thinking about leaving for a while, but got tied up in the money aspect.  Why give up a sure paycheck? But I'm more resentful every time I find myself begging family and friends to let me know if they hear of anyone with a cool car, or walking into a dealership after I've made an appointment and finding they either forgot and aren't prepared for me or look at me like they have no idea what I'm talking about in being there.  This happened last Wednesday and I just decided, "enough."  The money doesn't make it worthwhile for me.  I'm fortunate enough to be able to select work I enjoy and I'm going to use and appreciate that.

Luckily, my editors have been extremely supportive and even asked if I would still consider freelancing for the News & Record in other areas, which I'm more than happy to do. 

Blair is as always a rock of support.  I've never met someone as unselfish as him.  He just wants me to be happy.  (Although he was teasing me--rightfully so--about regressing again.  We have a running joke that every time I get an advanced degree, a salary increase, or anything beneficial to our household income, I decide "Eh, I don't want to do that.")

Panthers play tonight.  I'm excited about that but more excited because I spent an hour this morning with Melody who got me back on track with my knitting, showing me how to cast on and making me do it over and over until we were both sure I had it down.  So I'm going to get some rows in on the purple practice scarf while the game is on. Meanwhile, I continue to recruit friends for the "Hot Women Who Knit" club that I am intent on forming. So far, I have about 5 takers.  Although maybe I need a club name with a better acronym. HWWK sounds like the hacking sound you make at the back of the throat when preparing to cough up a lugey.  Not really the image I'm looking for for the club.  Have to think on that one.