Whirlwind Weekend

We flew to Ohio this weekend for my cousin Amy's wedding. It was a simple wedding and reception, but filled with elegance and sophistication. My wedding was sort of "I get to play princess for a day" and I had the poufy dress, the 5 bridesmaids, the bridal bouquet to toss, etc.

 There was nary a princess moment in site for Amy. Instead, she looked like she should be on the cover of Vogue. Amy is stunning anyway--tall, thin, long blonde hair, looks like a model. Put her in a sleeveless lace form fitting wedding dress with champagne sash, hair twisted up, and makeup that looked like Bobbi Brown herself dropped in to do it and oh-my-God. Stunning.

Ben, her husband, has a host of interesting friends. So the person who did Amy's hair has also done hair for Miss America pageants. The person filming their wedding video is an Aussie who does work for National Geographic and PBS documentaries.  The ceremony was in a beautiful church that didn't need any flowers to "dress it up" and so they had none. The rain held off until everyone was inside (it was an early evening wedding) and then a thunderstorm started so there was the distance sound of rolling thunder and rain streaked the simple stained glass windows as they said their vows and it was incredibly romantic. The rain stopped again as we all left the church and for 1 minute, right as Amy and Ben walked outside and into the car and we all tossed rose petals at them, the sky turned a blossoming cherry pink.

None of our pictures turned out--all too dark. I'm hoping the relatives come through and send me some of theirs and I'll post a few here when I'm able.

Although it was fun seeing everyone, it's good to be home.  Our flight this morning left at 7 am so for the 2nd night in a row, we got about 4 1/2 hours sleep.  We were like the walking dead at the airport. A three-hour nap has helped. 

I'm going to go shower the "airport goo" off me (Even if I just sit in a chair at an airport, I feel like I'm covered in grime by the time I get home), eat dinner, conduct a phone interview and then collapse with the cats, Blair, and a new episode of "The Amazing Race."

Hey--you relax your way and I'll relax mine.