Internal Clock

I have a strong internal clock. I can be absorbed in work and not look at the clock for hours, or out hiking in the woods all day and before looking at a clock or watch, I'll guess what time it is. I'm usually within 10 minutes of the correct time. The skill holds even at night. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I'll still be within 10 minutes of the time before I glance at my clock.

Which is why this morning was such a rude shock. I woke up and knew I hadn't beeen asleep long. It figured it was maybe going on midnight.  I almost cried when I looked at the clock and it read "4:32."  Wha--???? My alarm was going to go off in 30 minutes? No way! For those of you who have found yourself there, that is just a heartbreaking scenario.

But now I'm up and it's a full day! I have an article that HAS to be written today. It's due Monday and I'm out of town this weekend. I'm going to yoga this morning and then leaving the house and locking myself in a Starbucks or Panera until this thing is done. (I do better writing away from home--less distractions). I'm hoping I'll have it knocked out by around 2pm but I'll stay there until dark if I need to.

I will need to come home and pack though.  My beloved cousin Amy is getting married this weekend! Amy and I are nine days apart in age (FYI, she's older. Bothered me when I was younger but now I point it out every chance I get) and we grew up literally in each others households. She sent me a pdf of her wedding program and I almost cried reading it. I'm going to be a soppy mess at the wedding itself, I'm sure.

I can't wait.