Heart of Living Holiday Showcase

I forgot to mention a great big THANK YOU to the Heart of Living Art Gallery located at 5588-A Garden Village Way in Greensboro. This stunning gallery that showcases local and international artists held an open house this past Friday to kick off their "Art of Giving" campaign for the holidays.

 Let me tell you--these people know how to throw a party. I was one of 10 local authors featured in the gallery (along with glass art, pottery, hand-crafted jewelry, and paintings) and the decor was to die for. Models from South of 7th strolled the floor in gowns that made every woman vow on the spot to lose 20 pounds.  Wine and gourmet cheese and spreads and crackers and sauteed vegetables...the food went on and on...

I loved their author set-up and am going to suggest it to other retailers in the future. Instead of having each artist behind their own table, there was one long table, dressed to the nines with art and food and displaying on top of the table the author's works. Every author was given a nametag and we milled around the gallery, sometimes near the table but sometimes not. This allowed people to circle the table, looking at each book without feeling the pressure of the artist staring at them with that "please buy my book" desperation.

I sold 15 books and am thrilled. Given the elegance of the gallery and high-end clientele, I wasn't sure cat books would go over. But people grabbed them for Christmas Gifts and most of my inscriptions were along the lines of "For Dan, Melissa, & Mr. Bonkers--Enjoy the book."

Heart of Living will donate a portion of all proceeds from Nov. 10th - Dec. 23rd to the Greensboro Urban Ministry. So if you're in the area and have a chance to stop by, please do. They have fantastic gifts for the holidays.