More DSI Work

I'm eternally grateful for everyone's response to my DSI question a few posts back.

A few of you confirmed what I had suspected--that the "Your Procrastination is My Priority" tagline could be read as insulting. The tagline came about because one of my friends lives by the saying, "Procrastination on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part." I laugh every time she says it in reference to a client and was trying to tweak it to fit here-- a no go.

 Margot made a comment on the DSI post where she tossed out the phrase "Rapid Response Writer."  Hmm... kind of catchy. Makes me think of a medical alert team though. But it did spark some new ideas that I'd like feedback on. Anyone care for these?

  • The Ready Writer
  • Ready to Write
  • Ready to Write Now
  • Ready Write Now

I'll bias my polling and admit I'm kind of diggin' "The Ready Writer." Sounds much more "me" than "Dynamic Communications."

My friend Bernie made a comment in the prior DSI post about the danger of stating my speciality as being last-minute projects in that I'll be inundated with impossible deadlines. She's right, but my thought process was that if people trust me to do a bang-up job on rush jobs, there will be the assumption that I can of course submit superior work within a normal time period as well. But such logic may not translate as I hope.

So I'm thinking if I go with The Ready Writer, I'll point the DSI less toward  last-minute projects and more toward that I'm ready to work to go to work when you are.  So where my prior sample speciality statement read:

Dena Harris is the first choice for last-minute writing projects. That’s because Dena offers the fastest turn-around time on high-quality work of any writer in the Triad.

The new one might read:

 Dena Harris is the first choice for on-time, superior quality projects. That's because Dena offers the fastest and most reliable turn-around time of any writer in the Triad.

I'm not sure that's enough of a speciality though. I would hope most freelancers would respect deadlines and be on time. So I'm still muddling with it. Any additional thoughts/comments/guidance is always welcome.  As with Margot's post, you never know what comment you post may spark something bigger for me.