Cal-i-for-nia Here I Come!

On my way way out tomorrow for the annual Cat Writers conference, held this year in Foster City, California. People chuckle when I tell them there is such an event but think about all the cat books out there- care for kittens, medical books, breed specialities, etc. and you'll get an idea of how broad the field is. I'm in the minority as a feline humor writer, which suits me fine. I've attended the conference for the last 2 years and am always amazed at the number of assignments I leave with.

My schedule is packed the 3 days I'm there so I'm not even bothering to take the laptop which likely means no new blog posts until Monday.  Plus it's just another item to lug along. I always convince myself I'll pull my laptop out on an airplane and do work and it has yet to happen. I read, I eat, I sleep--usually in that order.

I'm a backup presenter for the event but am hoping I'm not called upon. I've presented the last two years and am looking forward to attending this year as a nameless, faceless guest. But if someone cancels last minute, I'm going to take my "Johnny Can't Brand" book and walk the group through a rough-and-tumble DSI exercise.

Changing topics completely, I finally had a good run last night - 7 miles and went strong to the end. I was getting worried as my last 4 runs have been horrid.  But I wore a brace last night on my left knee which helped with stability and I woke up today with no pain--unusual for me after a longer run. 

And that's all in the life of Dena.'s a nice change of pace.  Say a prayer my luggage doesn't join the land of the lost. This 3-oz rule (which for the record, I find close to useless--I think our country has gone WAY overboard on the panic route) is killing me. My face creams alone are 8 oz. and don't even get me started on hair care products. These days, lost luggage=bad hair.  Yikes!!! =)