Ugliest Room Contest

Here's a fun little project I worked on before I left for my trip. The website in the attached link is holding an Ugly Room Contest and they needed someone to write the text for their site.  I won the bid for the project through and had a ball pulling it together. You've got to like a career that has you looking up synonyms for "distasteful" and "offensive."

Sick or not, today it's back to work. I have three major articles due by mid-December and since my plan to have the article-fairy show up and write them doesn't seem to be panning out, I guess it's all on me.  If I am very disciplined today and get everything done on my list, I'll be in good shape for the week. 

I'm going to go make hot tea for my sore throat and then hit it.  If I'm very, very good, I might be able to sneak in a power nap before I run this evening.

 A happy and productive Monday to all.