No More Little Scaredy Cat

When we first brought Olivia (our forever kitten) home, she hid under the couch in the front room for 6 weeks. To pet her we had to lie on the floor, shove ourselves halfway under the sofa and then pull her out. She would put out a big purr as we petted her, but whether from fear or pleasure we weren't sure. Six weeks... for awhile we thought we'd made a mistake. Olivia Passed Out on Window Seat.jpg

Now flashback to last night. Blair went to bed before me and Olivia was lying horizontal across the bed. I have a rule about not disturbing resting cats (unless it's to smother them in kisses) and so I squeezed into the remaining space. That left Olivia's head near my knee and her back feet touching Blair.  When I went to bed, Olivia had been awake, sitting up Syphnx-like. Now I felt a soft thump and leaned my head up to look at her. She was curled in a half-moon pose, her head resting on my knee, her little body rising and falling with the steady inhale/exhale of her breathing.

I lay back down and was just overcome with feelings of love. My baby! This was the little kitty who we thought would never come around. And really, I'd say it's only been in the past year that her affectionate side has really come out--and this is her 5th year with us. (Hey--guess who just showed up and is winding around my feet as I type this?)

I just loved that she could chose to be anywhere in the house and she wanted to be curled up between Blair and myself. It's like having a great honor bestowed upon you. Everyone should have pets for the feelings of love and gratitude they induce.   

The cat that once once the great hider is now our little snuggler. She would have us pet her 24/7 if given her way. Seven out of ten times when she sees us coming, she flops on her back and stares hopefully at us, begging for a belly rub.

Right now, if you have pets, stop whatever you're doing and go give them a smooch. They're the best.