New Tagline--Your Thoughts?

Life is a mish-mash of activity this week as I try to clear my plate for next week and the half-marathon. I believe I'm going down to the island on Wednesday with my neighbors and Blair will join me later in the week. Aside from fitting in daily 5-mile runs, I'm trying to tie up loose ends so I can hop in the car on Wednesday with a clean conscience.

This morning I'm off to the Women's Resource Center of Greensboro to teach a class on networking to 15 women in the displaced-homemaker program. Then straight home and back to the computer to work on a huge article due at the end of the month. Than a "Girls Night Out" tonight at The FAT CAT, a local art gallery where I will schmooze and sell books.

Yesterday I spent most of the day at GTCC, selling my books at an indoor crafts fair. I sold 15 before I left and there were still a few hours left in the festival, so I'm pleased with that number.  I haven't done much this year in terms of promotion for my book, but I'm trying to hit little festivals here and there as I can.

I think I've come up my new tagline for my website as well. I was lying in bed Wednesday night, unable to fall to sleep, when the line just popped into my mind. I don't even recall thinking about my DSI or any of that stuff but that's how the mind works--it chews over cud in your subconscious and then spits it out when it's ready. So, what do you all think of....

 Dena Harris... Write For You


I also decided to stick with my strength, which is feature article writing for national publications. I'll play that as a benefit to those who might consider hiring me for local work.  But I decided I didn't want to "name" myself anything like "Creative Communications" because really, I am my own brand and I want to keep as my website and not have to buy or direct people to a new domain. Now I just have to find the time to actually write the new copy for the website so Melody, my website designer, can get it up and running.

But for now, I must go grab keys, purse and coffee and head out the door. A good start to what's shaping up to be a productive weekend.