Tunnel Vision on Work

Do you ever have so much work to do you're almost scared to get started? That's the situation I find  myself in this morning (and why I'm choosing to blog right now).  I have so many articles to write, phone calls to return, meetings to coordinate and general catching up to do with friends and family that I don't know which way is up.

I'm trying to avoid my natural tendency which is to knock out all the little stuff before hitting the bigger projects. The little stuff can wait--the big stuff needs my attention. (But I do so love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from crossing 10 things off a to-do list in the first hour because BAM! BAM! BAM!--I just peeled right through them).

With all the work, I'm still going to fit in a 9 AM yoga class. The thigh muscles remain a wee bit tight and an hour of  forced stretching would probably do them good. 

I forgot to mention the massage I had the day before the race. My friend and I splurged at an upscale resort and had an hour-long massage and access to the whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, and relaxation lounge. The upsetting news is that I failed my massage. At one point Jenny was working on my shoulder and I said, "That hurts a little."

"I'm not surprised," she said. "I've been working on it and keep trying to get it to release but your body is defying gravity. It won't let go."

She had me play dead (She literally said to me, "Play dead.") and that helped momentarily but then I tensed it up again. 

The massage was from heaven but unless I receive them a couple times a week, I just don't know that they do much good. All it takes is one day back to tense up again. I think I was almost as relaxed just standing on the beach and staring at the water.  As my friend said, "The beach cures everything."

Here's wishing you many relaxing waves in life.