The Cats Take Over

This is Olivia, our youngest. Every morning when Blair sits at the computer, she climbs in his lap to be combed. Me, not so much. She demands I vacate the chair so she can curl up in its warmth and only then will she allow me to comb her.

kittyperch005.JPGUntil this morning, that is. I did not feel like handing over control of the chair so I scooped her up and deposited her in my lap. That lasted for all of .000046 seconds, but instead of hopping down, she created a new home for herself on top of the sliding tray that holds our keyboard. No longer shall it be known as the keyboard tray. From this day forth, it is now the new and improved kitty grooming area.

Olivia was living it up--purring and rolling over and having a fine time (until Mommy ruined it by grabbing the camera). Still, my girl is a cute one. Gutsy too. Lucy has claimed a corner of our couch for the past 2 months and spends all her time there.  Lo and behold yesterday afternoon I came downstairs to find Olivia curled up in Lucy's spot on the sofa and one ticked-off black and white cat pacing the floor beneath her.

"You're on your own," I informed Olivia. "I can't help you here."

I don't know what transpired, but when I came downstairs again 30 minutes later, Lucy was on the sofa and Olivia nowhere to be found. 

Frankly, I'm happier not knowing.