Garden of the Dead

gardenofdead.jpgPerhaps I need to spend less time worrying over the state of the inside of my house and pay a bit more attention to the looks of the exterior. What you see in the photo is what greets you as you approach our front door. Stick a headstone in there and you'd have a working replica of Dracula's grave. 

Can't help it. I kill flowers. Although, what you see here are the remnants of flowers that did actually bloom this summer. I just haven't gotten around in the past 3 months to weeding them out since they died. You know. Busy...

I've been told some people have "winter gardens." I don't know who these over achieving freaks of nature are, but they better not come near my door. Although I feel secure in the knowledge that one look at our garden of shame would send them into flight far, far away.

I'd like to have a beautiful garden with bursts of color and bloom, graduated plant heights that take full advantage of the sun/shade setup, and cars that slow down as they pass my home, just so they might linger but a moment longer and partake of the beauty I have created.

gardenofdead2.jpgInstead, we hear the screech of rubber as people careen past our door, fearful of what haunts might lie inside based on the spooky exterior.

In my next like, I'm going to come back as perfect.