New Year's Party & Humble Pie

Blair and I are typically last minute New Year's Eve people meaning someone at the last minute will offer us an invitation to come to their home and drink champagne and overindulge in fatty foods.

Not this year. This year WE will be the ones offering the obligatory cheese and cracker tray and vegetable dip.  That's right--hold the presses. The Harris' are entertaining.

Before you all take it up on yourselves to forward me the phone numbers of local emergency departments, let me assure you I will have help. It turns out my friend Pam is not only a brilliant author, but a kick-ass cook as well.  She has offered to cook me, Blair, and her husband Michael a full meal on New Years in--get this--MY KITCHEN.  Just like my own little fairy god-mother.  She's even said she'll let me make the pie (under the strictest of supervision).

So we'll wine and dine with Pam and Michael, then hold an open house from 8-midnight for our neighbors. I like the idea of a party where people feel free to come and go or drop in as the mood hits them.

So, the humble pie comes from the fact that after my online rant about insisting the tree and decorations come down on December 26th, I've agreed the house would look more festive for New Years if we left it all up so--gulp--up it stays.

Switching tracks, Blair is on vacation today and next week and I'm very much looking forward to having him around the house. We've compiled a huge to-do list that includes going through closets and cabinets with an iron eye and throwing out anything we don't use, clearing out the Garden of the Dead, shopping for our fish tank, and finding time to watch "The Sound of Music" (holiday tradition).  Busy, busy, busy.

Oh yes, I better find some munchie appetizer dishes to serve as well for New Years. I don't think people will want my apple pie...