Diablo II Widow

The silver lining: I am no longer being attacked with Lysol (see yesterday's entry).

The downside: I have lost my husband--and his soul--to Diablo II.

Honestly, I'm not even sure what Diablo II even is. I'm amassed from the screaming and moans coming from the speakers on our computer that it's some form of violent video game.  Olivia, our youngest cat, typically sits on Blair's lap to be combed and she took an unusual interest in the running, jabbing, fighting, and stabbing on the screen, patting a soft paw against the monitor.

"I don't think we should be exposing the cats to this sort of violence," I said, visions of Olivia leaping out from under the couch and lobbing hand grenades at Lucy filling my head.

"Um-urgh," said Blair, staring at the screen.

Grasping for some semblance of together time, I took my book to the upstairs sitting room, to be near Blair on the computer. More yells and moans came from the screen.

"You sound like you're doing very well," I said, trying to be supportive.

"Yes," said Blair. "I've just killed all the goat people." He paused, then muttered, "That will teach them not to pay homage to me."

Video game addict, Lysol-spraying fool--the guy cracks me up. Happy New Year!