From This Day Forward, I Will Be Perfect...

God, I love the optimism a New Year brings.  Each January offers the opportunity for the ultimate do-over...a chance to be someone who eats healthy, watches minimal TV, is of service to others, and cheerfully exercises each and every day. In summary, it's the chance to be someone I've never met before in my life.

You might be surprised to learn, given my rigid adherence to schedules and goals, that I start my New Year not on January 1st but on the 2nd. Trying to begin any new lifestyle on the 1st is a recipe for've stayed up late so chances are you'll sleep in and boom! Already you're off course. Plus, there's delicious leftover New Year's party food to snack on during the day, and who feels like exercising after having even just a drink or two the night before? Nope, January 2nd is a much better day to get things going.

My goals for the New Year mirror much of America's. Portion control at meals (especially when eating out)...less sugar intake...less at least 4x/week and weights and yoga 2x/week...get a physical (I haven't had one in over 10 years)...change out cat toys every Sunday...and the biggee--Run the Kiawah Marathon in December.

Just to close out the New Year, we had a great party. My friend Pam came over around noon and we cooked for 4 hours.  I believe photos of the great cooking fest, as it will come to be known, will follow shortly.

It's 8:30 and so far I've lived a perfect life in 2007. No snacking, no TV, I've combed the cats and I'm getting ready to go to yoga, a. Excellent...this perfect living thing will be sooooo easy. ;)