Decorating Diaries: Eat My Contractor Dust

Gasp!  Choke!  The contractors are here--the contractors are here!  And I have the contractor dust settling around my home to prove it. The electricians were here today, installing the canned lighting in the ceiling.  But there was something like an extra ceiling for them to go through, so there was massive amounts of drilling and crawling around the attic and insulation sticking to workboots as they walked around the house.

I wasn't home for most of this.  I showed up at 3:30 as they were cleaning up.  God love them, they'd found our tiny little dustbuster (our vacuum is in our upstairs guestroom closet--not a natural place to look).  So this young guy is walking around our floors, doubled over, trying to catch all the stray dirt and grime with this dustbuster.  So sweet, but not very effective.  I went behind him with a broom and dustpan and swipe with the Swiffer, but it didn't make much difference.  This is the kind of dust that settles in the cracks and only a good mopping will get rid of it.

I'm not so upset.  Dust means work.  And right now we have a tile floor, counters installed, 90% of the lighting done, and they're coming tomorrow to measure for the granite countertop.  I may actually have a bathroom by the end of the month.

Our bedroom may not survive though. That's where the worst of the dust and grime is being tracked in.  I think it's time to move our nighttime abode to the upstairs guest bedroom.  Less chance of a choking hazard, that way.

But some cleaning will get done this weekend.  I'm having my children writers critique group (Ladies, we must think of a name for ourselves) over Wednesday night.  I don't care if they drill to China in my bathroom that day, the house will be clean that night. Time to bond with the mop.