It Warms A Mothers Heart

I arrived home today after a long day (16 hours) and an even longer rainy drive home. (Tip to NC drivers: When a car approaches and you see their headlights in the distance, that's the time to dim your brights. Not when you're almost right on top of me).  As I hung my coat up in the front room, I noticed Lucy in her new favorite resting spot--on top of our new bedroom comforter. The comforter is folded over and laying on the front guestbed, away from the dust of the renovations.  We just discovered last night that this is Lucy's new hangout spot.  Actually, Blair discovered it.  He saw her on the comforter and said, "Hey, you're not supposed to be on there" in the cooing voice pet owners use when we're pretending to be upset but we're really not. But then he gasped and I heard "Oh my God.  Look at all this hair."  Apparently Ms. Lucy has been making herself at home there, unnoticed, for some time now.

Anyway, I get home and decide I need some kitty therapy so I walk over to pet Lucy. It takes a few strokes before I glance behind us and notice Olivia, curled up in a little ball beside the comforter, keeping an eye on Lucy.

 SO SWEEEET.  My babies!  You have to understand. I don't have cats that hang out together.  I think Olivia would like to, but Lucy barely deems to tolerate her. So it was so touching that both of them were curled up on this bed, just like buddies.  It improved my mood instantly. I cooed and fussed and gave Lucy kisses. "Your little sister loves you," I told her. "Doesn't that make you feel good?"

She said nothing in reply, but I think she understood me.

As for me, it's almost 11:30 PM but I think I'm up for awhile.  I'm extremely tired but also wired just from being on the go for so long today.  I'd love to run a hot bath but it would wake Blair up. Given the amount of construction dust that has drifted into our bedroom from the bath (the cats are writing "WASH ME" in the dust on the floor with their paws), we have moved to the upstairs bedroom until renovations are complete.

Speaking of which, I'm going to go check and see if the Tile Guy was here today.  Then I think hot tea and a book and maybe--finally--sleep.