Senator Barack Obama

My sister called me today, very excited. Senator Barack Obama spoke at the college campus she works at and used her office to meet with state officials and sign books.BOclose.jpg

Understand, Nicole and I are both HUGE Obama fans.  Put him up for President and watch me vote for him. Nicole spent quite a bit of time talking to the staff person who was with the Senator and she said, "I think he should  run for President." The man's response was, "Okay, I can't really tell him that but YOU certainly can."

Nicole got to stay in the room for Obama's meeting and spent a little bit of time talking to him as he signed books. She said, "I have to tell you this," and he kind of looked up at her and she said, "You were hilarious on the Daily Show." He laughed and she said, "We Tivo'd it and watched it over and over."

When he was leaving, the Senator looked at Nicole and said, "Thanks, Nicole. Tell your husband I said hello."  So Nicole races to the phone and calls Grant at work and says, "The senator wanted me to be sure and tell you he says hello."